UNESCO World Heritage Historical Monuments of Ancient Nara

Commemoration of the 25 th anniversary of UNESCO World Heritage Historical Monuments of Ancient Nara

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A model course for visiting the World Heritage Site of the Ancient Capital of Nara is now available.


Online voting for the ‘Ancient Nara’s Cultural Assets: Eight New Views of the Southern Capital’ is now open.
We look forward to receiving many submissions.


A special site commemorating the 25th anniversary of the registration of the cultural assets of ancient Nara as a World Heritage Site has been opened.

  • Cultural Properties of Ancient Nara
  • Commemorative events
  • Six Temples and Shrines Common Admission Ticket
  • Model Course

Historical Monuments of Ancient Nara

Representing Nara City, Todaiji Temple, Kohfukuji Temple, Kasugataisha Shrine, Kasugayama Primeval Forest, Gangoji Temple, Yakushiji Temple, Toshodaiji Temple,
and the Former Site of Heijo Palace are UNESCO World Heritage sites registered as "Cultural Properties of Ancient Nara."
In 1998, they were inscribed on the World Heritage list, and 2023 marks the 25th anniversary of their registration.
To celebrate, there will be commemorative events and opportunities to purchase a combined admission ticket and special Goshuin stamps.
We invite you to visit Nara City during this special occasion.