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Six Temples and Shrines Common Admission Ticket

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First-Ever Sale of a World Heritage Six Temples and Shrines Common Admission Ticket in Nara,
with Limited-Time Bestowment of Special Shrine Stamps

For the first time in Japan, a 'Common Admission Ticket' centered around the theme of World Heritage will be available for sale at tourist information centers and other locations, with the cooperation of the six temples and shrines founded in the Nara period. Each ticket can be used once for one temple or shrine and is valid until the end of March 2024.
Limited-time special shrine stamps with designs inspired by the history of each temple and shrine will be offered (additional stamp fee required). Visitors can also receive appreciation gifts (such as incense) from each temple and shrine.

[Limited-Time Special Shrine Stamps]
The limited-time special shrine stamps are created with motifs inspired by the origins of each temple and shrine.
*Exclusive to purchasers of the Common Admission Ticket (Separate offering fee required)

Todaiji Temple:Octagonal Lantern in front of the Great Buddha Hall
Kohfukuji Temple:Stone Lantern Base in front of the Five-story Pagoda
Kasugataisha Shrine:Kasuga Wisteria and Hanging Lantern
Gangoji Temple:Chikō Mandala Treasured Tower
Yakushiji Temple:Flying Apsara on the East Tower
Toshodaiji Temple:Former Gilded Pendant in the Golden Hall

Common Admission Ticket Overview

Validity Period:
From August 22, 2023 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2024 (Sunday)
5,000 yen per booklet * 3,000 yen for individuals with a disability certificate (Limited to 20,000 booklets)
Sales Start:
From August 22, 2023 (Tuesday) (Includes discounts on Nara Kotsu 1-day bus passes, and discounts at city dining and retail establishments)
Sales Locations:
Nara City Tourist Information Center , Kintetsu-Nara Station Tourist Information Center
Admission Sites:
Todaiji Temple (Great Buddha Hall), Kohfukuji Temple (National Treasure Hall), Kasugataisha Shrine (Special Main Hall Visit), Gangoji Temple (Regular Admission), Yakushiji Temple (Byakue Kannon and more), Toshodaiji Temple (Regular Admission)